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International Development and Development Education: Challenging the Dominant Economic Paradigm? (August 2022)

This report presents the findings of research into the extent to which the international development and development education sectors are engaging with the current dominant economic system, i.e. neoliberalism/’free market’ economics, and its influence on poverty, inequality and injustice as part of their education work with the public.

Policy and Practice Evaluation Report 2022

This report sets out the findings on an independent evaluation of the Centre for Global Education’s journal, Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review carried out by Blue Moss. The report assesses the extent to which the journal is building development education capacity locally and globally and strengthening the policy environment for development education practice.

Policy and Practice: Citations Database (2021)

Research into the impact of the Centre's biannual, peer-reviewed journal Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review. The database contains listings of academic articles and books that quote or use articles from the journal as citations. Latest update: May 2021


The Centre for Global Education recently circulated a call for short articles exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on development education practice and how we can respond to the pandemic as practitioners.

Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review. Fifteenth Anniversary Edition

This is a special commemorative, fifteenth anniversary collection of the Centre for Global Education’s bi-annual, peer reviewed and open access journal Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review. The journal celebrates and promotes good practice in development education; a radical and transformative educational process that empowers the learner to become actively engaged in efforts to eradicate poverty in justice both locally and globally. Since 2005, Policy and Practice has become an articulate vehicle for debating inequalities within and between the global North and South, and for encouraging active engagement with the issues underpinning poverty and injustice. This special collection carries articles by leading scholars in the field who debate issues on the cutting edge of development education practice and the policy environment in which it is delivered. Policy and Practice debates and affirms the transformative capacity of education to create a more just and equal world and this is an essential collection for anyone interested in exploring the role of education as a means toward progressive social change. It contains 32 articles on a wide range of topics including: climate change, migration, gender, Latin America and human rights. The contributors include: Vanessa Andreotti, Douglas Bourn, Su-ming Khoo, Sarah Stein, Alejandra Boni and David Selby. The special collection is available to buy at: https://publications.centreforglobaleducation.com/

Development Education and Social Justice

Policy and Practice Flyer 2019

Policy and Practice Evaluation Report

Evaluation of the journal's content and website to gain a better understanding of how it is used by readers, researchers and practitioners