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Editorial Group

Ben Mallon

Ben Mallon is a PhD researcher and Irish Research Council Scholar within the Department of Education at St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra (Dublin City University). After seven years of teaching experience in the UK, Ben completed an MA in Education at University College Dublin before embarking on his doctoral studies. His research focuses on the relationship between education and conflict, in particular educational initiatives aimed at addressing conflict and building peace. Ben's current research, supported by the Irish Research Council, examines young people's experiences and perceptions of responsibility and reconcliation within post-conflict peacebuilding education programmes.

Gerard McCann

Gerard McCann is a Senior Lecturer and Module Co-ordinator in European Studies at St Mary’s University College, A College of Queen’s University Belfast. Dr McCann has guest lecturing experience at universities in Memphis, Cork, Seattle, Lusaka, Kosice and Paderborn. He is currently the academic manager of the Department for International Development (2005-2008) and Trocaire (2008-2010) funded ‘Global Dimension in Education Project’. He is the co-ordinator of a partnership programme with the University of Zambia and a member of the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES). Dr Gerard McCann has written extensively on the European Union’s economic and development policies; EU policy in Ireland; and development education. He was Chairperson of the Centre for Global Education's Management Board for seven years.

Mags Liddy

Mags Liddy completed her PhD thesis at the University of Limerick exploring the capacity of an overseas volunteering as a professional development experience for teachers, examining its impact on their professional lives and identity.  She is co-editor of Education that Matters: teachers’ critical pedagogy and development at local and global levels (2013, Peter Lang). She is currently working on a research project examining the characteristic spirit of ETB schools in Ireland, and formerly worked with the Ubuntu Network, a teacher education research project based at the University of Limerick from 2006 to 2010. 

Niamh Gaynor

Niamh Gaynor is a lecturer in Development in the School of Law and Government in Dublin City University. Previously Director of the School's MA programmes in Development and International Relations, she is now the School's Director of Teaching and Learning. Prior to joining DCU Niamh worked in international and community development in Africa and Ireland. Her current research is in collaboration with Trocaire and focuses on Peacebuilding and Local Governance in the Great Lakes region in Africa and draws on fieldwork conducted in Burundi, the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda.

Stephen McCloskey

Stephen McCloskey is the Managing Editor of Policy and Practice and Director of the Centre for Global Education.  He has extensive experience of managing and delivering global education projects, strategic planning, advocacy and monitoring / evaluation.  His publications include The East Timor Question: The Struggle for Independence from Indonesia (IB Tauris, 2000, with Paul Hainsworth) and From the Local to the Global: Key Issues in Development Studies (Pluto Press, London and New York, 2003 with Gerard McCann; 2nd edition published in August 2009).  He has commissioned several research projects on global education practice and regularly collaborates with development education networks and organizations both locally and internationally.

Su-ming Khoo

Su-ming Khoo is a lecturer in the School of Political Science and Sociology at NUI Galway. Her research interests are in globalisation, development theory and political economy of development, with an emphasis on alternative approaches within the broad frame of human development. She has a special interest in issues of culture, decolonization, environment, democratization and knowledge advocacy within the political economy of development. Recent published work includes articles and book chapters on rights, development and Millennium Development Goals, citizenship and development and development education, in publications including Policy and Practice, Trocaire Development Review, and Globalization, Citizenship and the War on Terror (2007)She is currently Project Leader of the Development Education and Research Network at NUI Galway: www.nuigalway.ie/dern

Frank Geary

Frank is the Director of IDEA, the Irish Development Education Association. IDEA is the national network for Development Education in Ireland, representing over 100 members involved in the practice, promotion and advancement of Development Education. Frank is engaged in all aspects of IDEA's activities, including work on creating an enabling environment for Development Education, strengthening the capacity and effectiveness of the Development Education sector in Ireland, and ensuring recognition of Development Education’s essential role in achieving global justice, global citizenship and sustainability. Frank is a member of the Department of Education and Skills Advisory Group on the National Strategy Education for Sustainable Development, the Irish Aid Development Education Strategy External Advisory Group, and the core group of Coalition 2030 – a civil society coalition calling for a transformative Irish national action plan for the Sustainable Development Goals. Frank held leadership roles in PEN International, the world association of writers and freedom of expression advocates, working with civil society actors in over 100 countries, initiating PEN’s international civil society programmes, and developing networks focussing on freedom of expression in many world regions. He has experience working with Irish, British and international civil society, human rights and cultural organisations.

Gabriela Martínez Sainz

Gabriela Martínez Sainz is an Ad Astra Assistant Professor at University College Dublin researching and teaching on children's rights, education for sustainable development and global citizenship education. Prior to joining UCD, Gabriela was a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship Education in DCU and at the Brazilian Centre for Analysis and Planning CEBRAP. She obtained her PhD in Education from the University of Cambridge and is the co-founder of the Centre for Human Rights Studies CEDH Mx a think-tank in México working on solutions to eradicate all forms of violence and prevent human rights abuses in the Latin American region. She is also the author of textbooks for Post-Primary Education on civic education, citizenship and democracy.


Bernie Grummell

Bernie Grummell is currently a Senior Lecturer with the Departments of Education and Adult & Community Education in Maynooth University. She is a co-director with Michael Murray of the Centre for Research in Adult Learning and Education (CRALE) in the Department for Adult & Community Education.  Her research explores the complex landscape, processes and experiences of equality and transformation across different sectors of education and society, with a particular focus on transformative community development and inclusion.  She has worked on international research and teaching collaborations with universities and communities in Malawi, Zambia, Palestine, Germany, France, Greece, Finland, UK, Spain, Malta and Bulgaria, as well as in local and national engagements.