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Development Education and Climate Change
Autumn 2015

Guest Editorial: Development Education, Climate Change and the 'Imperial Mode of Living': 'Thinking Institutionally about the Ecological Crisis'

Audrey Bryan

Recent scientific research describes the drought that occurred in Syria between 2007-2010 as having had a ‘catalytic effect’ on the country’s civil war which has already claimed an estimated 200,000 lives and forced more than four million to flee the country – fueling a refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe.  As Kelley et al. observe:

“Whether it was a primary or substantial factor is impossible to know, but drought can lead to devastating consequences when coupled with pre-existing acute vulnerability, caused by poor policies and unsustainable land use practices in Syria’s case and perpetuated by the slow and ineffective response of the Assad regime” (2015: 3241-3242)

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