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Development Education Without Borders
Autumn 2013

Guest Editorial: Development Education Without Borders

Frank Geary

The context for development education, development and civil society activity is undergoing significant change.  Many of the central concerns of development education have broken across the borders which hitherto contained them and become central to discussions about the future of development and human rights.  This is a crucial moment for development education and it is essential that policy and practice respond to it.  The convergence of the post-2015 process to replace the Millennium Development Goals, and economic crisis and austerity in Europe has contributed to major changes in the context, the policy environment and practice of development education, development and civil society.  The post-2015 framework, in particular, will influence policies towards the development education sector for many years to come.  Core development education concerns – participative approaches to decision-making and civil society; universal approaches to global problems of inequality, sustainability, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights – have become central elements of the post-2015 discussions. 

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