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Seminar on Development Education and the Economic Paradigm

via Zoom
Tuesday 14 February 2023 12.00pm

The Centre for Global Education and Irish Development Education Association invite participation in a seminar titled ‘Development Education and the Economic Paradigm’ which will debate the content of Issue 35 of Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review

About this event 

This event has been organised to present and debate the content of Issue 35 of the Centre for Global Education’s bi-annual, open access, peer reviewed journal Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review.  The theme of this issue is ‘Development Education and the Economic Paradigm’ which reflects upon the impact of the neoliberal economic system on social and economic inequality, and how the DE sector can respond to this challenge. Three of the articles published in Issue 35 will be presented at this seminar and will enable authors to debate their articles with readers and facilitate discussion on good practice in development education.  Each speaker will present their articles for 10-15mins followed by discussion.  The three articles being presented at the seminar are:

Harm-Jan Fricke

Anders Daniel Faksvåg Haugen

Irene Tollefsen

About the Speakers

Celina del Felice (Chair) is an educator and researcher from Argentina, based in Spain. Her areas of expertise are peace, intercultural and global citizenship education, youth participation and transnational activism related to global justice issues. Celina works as an associate Professor at the Open University of Catalonia in its Conflict, Peace and Security Master’s Programme offered in collaboration with UNITAR.  Prior to this, she did research on the role of transnational activism shaping the negotiations of trade and development agreements between the EU and other regions at University Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Harm-Jan Fricke is a Development Education/Global Learning consultant working with local, national and international organisations in the UK and Europe on design, implementation and evaluation of projects and programmes in support of local-global development: www.linkedin.com/in/hjfricke

Anders Daniel Faksvåg Haugen is completing his Doctorate thesis at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, exploring education as a tool for nation-building in Tanzania after the nation’s introduction of multiparty democracy.  Haugen holds a Master of Social Science in Education and has been teaching citizenship education and human geography in teacher education at the NLA University College, Dar es Salaam University College of Education and the University of Zambia in addition to the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.  Prior to his PhD studies, Haugen practised as a primary school teacher. E-mail: adfh@hvl.no.

Irene Tollefsen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development and Environmental studies, and a Master’s degree in International Environmental Studies from the University of Life Sciences in Ås, Norway.  She has a second Master’s degree in Social Science Didactics from the University of Applied Sciences in Bergen, Norway.  She is a Doctorate candidate researching how to approach the economic dimension of the sustainable development concept.  Fields of interests are critical pedagogy, participatory approaches, the degrowth concept and movement, Bien Vivir, Ubuntu economics, economics of permanence, decolonising academia and economics, and other avenues of exploring alternative economics paradigms.  E-mail: irene.tollefsen@hvl.no.

Targeted Sectors

Development Education; Global Citizenship Education; Development Studies / Tertiary Education; International Development.

The seminar is free but registration essential at: https://www.ideaonline.ie/development-education-and-the-economic-paradigm

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“The views expressed in the seminar and articles are those of individual authors and can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of Irish Aid”. 

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